Creative Takes On Microsoft's Zune With Wireless Zen PMPs

Creative's Zen range of Portable Media Players have been around for some times and the Singapore-based company has had a very rough time dealing with Apple products; it is now hoping that its range of Zen Portable Media Players are good enough to challenge Apple's hegemony.

Creative rolled-out its Zen Xtreme Fidelity X-Fi device in two new versions of 16GB and 32 GB, which support streaming videos, images, music, and instant messaging.

The devices include X-Fi Crystallizer, a proprietary audio technology that restores the highs and lows of the music, which generally gets lost when the music file is ripped to different formats.

The new device has a built-in speaker, which was absent in its previous versions, and the company also packages Creative premium EP-830 earphone with it.

Zen X-Fi also has in-built Wireless LAN support that allows its users to download and stream various audio and video files from their PCs to the device, wirelessly, using their home network.

This new version will also enable its users to use instant messaging services, like Windows Live! Messenger, and Yahoo!! Messenger.

Zen X-Fi 8 GB, which doesn’t integrate Wi-Fi capabilities, has a price-tag of £ 109.99, whereas 802.11b/g Wi-Fi compatible devices, Zen X-Fi 16 GB and 32 GB, cost £ 139.99 and 199.99 respectively.