Dozens of Game Sharers Targeted in Anti Piracy Sting Operation

In what some are already considering as a massive publicity stunt, Topware interactive, a small US game developer which produces the game Dream Pinball 3D, is taking 100 British Citizens to court for putting its leading game on file sharing website.

Last month, the legal firm representing Topware, Davenport Lyons, successfully prosecuted four filesharers who were ordered by the Central London Country court to pay £750 in damages and fines plus £2000 in additional fees.

The firm also represented Zuxxex, a German software house, who tracked down 500 alleged UK file sharers and back then, according to the Register, the alleged culprits were summoned to pay a £600 fine.

David Gore, Partner at Davenport Lyons, told Metro: “Copyright owners spend millions of pounds developing copyright works for sale to the public for their enjoyment and yet many think it is acceptable to obtain te work illegally and for free by procuring a copy on a peer-to-peer network.”

Still it is quite interesting to see that a small, unknown company can take on the mighty filesharers while others like Codemasters or Activision Blizzard.

According to the BBC, Davenport Lyons is now specialising in tracking down file sharers and uses a technology developed by a swiss-based company called Logistep.