iPhone 3G storm subsiding

After Friday’s manic queues and O2, CPW and iTunes failures, the shiny white gloss of the launch has gone a little yellow. But what of the device itself? Was it worth the wait?

Many of the iPhone 3G were sold to pre-existing owners, but I borrowed a friend’s (he’s porting his number) and used it for a couple of days. So as a newbie to both Apple and iPhone here are my opinions.

First off the screen is fantastic, making every other mobile device look like an old black and white TV. The UI only takes just a few moments to get used to, which is good, but mainly because there is so little in it.

Settings are minimal, functions are missing all over the place (SMS forwarding, SMS delivery reports, assigning a new tone to mail received…). GPS also appears very insensitive. Of course the camera is also a bête noir with some users (no flash or video!).

On the upside, Exchange Push email works faster than many other devices, and YouTube is just plain brilliant. Plus there are some seriously useful free of charge applications available.

However all the good stuff means that it will be used much more reducing battery life to an unacceptable extent. Invariably there will be a big market for piggy back batteries to keep it going for over a day. This in itself is a good indicator for Apple.

I can’t help thinking that the iPhone technology is still very much in development, but the simplicity of the device, usable applications and specialised web sites will encourage more users and developers, making the next iPhone an even greater success.