Samsung 2263UW LCD Monitor

Samsung is no stranger to Overclockers Online, and definitely no stranger to the consumer electronics sector

For years, Samsung has been churning out anything from printers to media players, appliances, and, of course, display devices. With 70 years of experience on their backs, Samsung's success comes as no surprise.

Not too long ago, we took a look at Samsung's 2493HM top of the line 24-inch LCD monitor with equally top of the line features.

The 2493HM aimed to immerse itself within the modern digital home as an all-in-one piece. However, the monitor's high price point kept monitor out of reach for most consumers.

Today we will be looking at the Samsung's new 2263UW monitor which bundles in much of what we love about the 2493HM, in a smaller package, lower price and a few nice surprises.

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