Chinese man gets two years for hacking Red Cross site

I was quite surprised to read that a 23-year-old Chinese guy has been given two years in clink for hacking into a Red Cross Web site, until I read further that he'd been asking for earthquake relief funds to be sent to his personal bank account.

As frauds go, that's pretty low, so I think he probably deserves his prison sentence.

According to the Xinhua Web site, Yang Litao was found guilty last Friday of hacking into the Red Cross site following the May 12 earthquake in Sichian province.

As we now know, the quake left around 88,000 people dead or missing, and repairs to the local infrastructure will take a long time.

What makes matters worse is that Yang left a virus on the Web server, forcing it to shut for around 27 hours whilst the relief operations were taking place.

Fortunately for donors, the Red Cross admin people worked with government officials to stop any donations reaching the scumbag's bank account...