How simple security solutions can prevent a dramatic drain on human resource

I was shocked by the results of a recent survey that showed nearly 50 per cent of job seeking employees spend over an hour every working day searching for a new job online.

If this is a true reflection of reality, and it could well be, employers have reason to be annoyed.

Not only are their human resource assets (employees) planning to unbalance the headcount by leaving, they’re wasting productive time doing so and, to really put the boot in, using the employer’s infrastructure to expedite their exit.

What should, and could, an employer do about this? The easiest solution is a technological one. While some employees, such as those in HR, may require access to employment websites, there are very few reasons for any other employees to be accessing them during the working day.

A good security appliance with web filtering capabilities can easily eliminate this unnecessary drain on company resources and improve overall productivity.

Content filtering allows IT administrators to block individual websites or areas of websites that have a jobs section.

The latter can be very useful when trade magazines, which contain industry information that employees need to see, also have a jobs board.

The better filtering solutions offer granular control of access, allowing for web access based on user group profiles.

Employers are able to let their HR team access the sites they need, while preventing unsettled employees from getting distracting ideas in their heads on company time.

It might be that employers are happy to let the careers of employees take a natural curve, there may even be some employees for whom the leaving party can’t come soon enough, but in general there is no need to let members of staff be distracted from the task in hand. Web content filtering is a human resources tool that shouldn’t be ignored.

This post was written by Andrew Fourie, UK country manager at integrated security appliance specialist, Astaro.