Lenovo to Embed Vodafone Broadband in Business Laptops

Mobile Service Provider Vodafone has announced that it will be bundling its mobile broadband SIM in laptops made by Lenovo without any additional costs; the move is seen as some as astute strategy to get more customers without going through the likes of Carphone Warehouse.

The laptops - Thinkpad's SL, T and X series - will be aimed at Small businesses and will banish pop-out USB or PCMCIA wireless broadband cards by making use of an embedded wireless modem; they will also come with a free 30-day trial of Vodafone's 3G service.

And it appears that locking laptops could become the norm as Techworld says that choosing a different mobile provider could become problematic especially as Telecom companies could soon start subsidising laptop devices to bring down prices and generate more business.

The embedded mobile broadband module would add around £100 extra to the price of the laptops.

Prices for the Vodafone broadband offer will start at £12 excl. VAT per month with European Roaming st at £8.50 per day.

Gartner has found out that 3G service offerings would almost certainly be stable enough to last the whole lifetime of the laptop - generally three years, due partly to the fact that SIM technology is pretty standard across the industry.

The research company also found out that internal 3G solutions will perform significantly better than external solutions due to signal strength and will not only free one additional port but will also help improving battery life.