Microsoft Says Kids are Worst Software Pirates on Net

After a report on DVD piracy from the analyst firm Futuresource Consulting, another document on piracy has been published, this time from the software giant Microsoft.

In a survey conducted in UK, Microsoft revealed that children aged 11-16 years are found to be worst culprits of software piracy across internet.

Despite knowing that piracy is an illegal offence in UK, kids of this age-group intentionally carry out illegal downloads from web, report stated.

The new study, named as "Real Thing", was based on a survey comprising almost 1500 people, out of which there were only 270 children below 16.

54 percent children between the age group of 11 and 16 admitted the use of file sharing sites, against only 15 percent adults doing the same.

The attitudes revealed in the report were quite striking, as 25 percent of kids have stated that they’d continue to buy fake goods from the net, whereas 60 percent of them opted for the counterfeit versions because they found original ones too expensive. (ed : Shame on the parents)

Microsoft spurred BPI to take suitable measures to curb illegal downloading from web, and let people aware of the aftermaths of internet piracy.