Sony Starts Business VAIO Laptop Range With Three New Models

Sony has announced the launch of a new business range under the VAIO banner, 10 years after the brand was launched for consumers- three freshly-released laptops will form part of the VAIO business segment for now.

The three laptop ranges, the SR-series, the BZ-series and the Z-series target business user sections and roughly fall into three separate form factors.

The Z-series is the smallest one and packs an Intel Core 2 Duo processor in a carbon-fibre chassis with up to 4GB RAM, a 320GB hard disk drive and Fingerprint recognition; it will also offer HSDPA as well as 802.11n connectivity.

The SR-series shares the same 13.3-inch LCD screen as the Z-series but offer a digital camera on top of that; although it is slightly bulkier, it lacks the embedded mobile wireless module.

As for the BZ-series, it is the bulkiest member of the VAIO family and is sold as an Intel Centrino 2 platform and offers a 15.4-inch LCD screen amongst others.

All three laptops will come with Windows Vista Business Edition and a few bits and bobs and will be available from tomorrow from major retailers.

There's also a fourth range of laptops that was announced Yesterday by Hideyuki Furumi, Senior GM of the Sony VAIO Business Group; the FW-series is set to mark Sony's entry in the crowded segment of High Definition capable desktop replacement laptops.