AOL Could Replace Yahoo As A Potential Microsoft Acquisition Target, Says WSJ

Microsoft seems to be on an acquisition roll as the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company might be interested in combining AOL and Microsoft's Online divisions.

Executives from both companies, the respected news outlet said, had met to discuss this proposal which could end up pushing Yahoo aside although a Microsoft/AOL partnership could prove problematic given Google's investment in AOL.

The Search Giant owns a five percent stake in AOL worth USD 1 billion and is taking care of AOL's search advertising in a deal similar to the one it achieved with Yahoo earlier last month.

Microsoft and AOL have been apparently discussing such a deal for several months but only rough plans were drawn.

Microsoft has already made several offers to Yahoo!, all of which have been rejected by the board although things will get more interesting after the 1st of August after Yahoo!'s general meeting which could see Microsoft take over the beleaguered company altogether in a hostile attempt.

Interesting times indeed.