Apple To Take Legal Action Against Psystar For Making Mac Clones

Amidst its much hyped 3G iPhone launch celebration, computer maker Apple has sued Miami-based Psystar for manufacturing and selling unauthorized clones of Mac.

In a lawsuit filed against Psystar in District Court of Northern California, Apple wants the company to stop manufacturing Mac clones any further, and to recall all the products it has sold since April, when the company begun its operations.

Psystar has not responded to Apple’s accusations yet, and its website is down since Wednesday morning.

In its complaint Apple said, “By misappropriating Apple’s proprietary software and intellectual property for its own use, Psystar actions harm consumers by selling them a poor product that is advertised and promoted in a manner that falsely and unfairly implies an affiliation with Apple.”

The notion of “poor product” has been largely derived from reviewers’ complaints of non-availability of some key applications, such as- Bluetooth, iLife, IR receiver, etc, in Psystar manufactured replicas of Mac.

Apple is seeking all the monetary losses it incurred including attorney’s fees.

When Psystar was contacted via phone, one of its salespersons responded by saying that the company is still selling Open Computer systems, and its website is down due to excessive traffic on it.