Google Is On The Rise In UK Says Survey

The web monitoring firm Hitwise conducted a recent survey of major search engine players in UK and US, and there are no surprises as to who tops the list for yet another quarter.

It's Google again, with a massive market share of 87.34 percent in UK, which has the top nod.

It is followed by Yahoo, Microsoft, and, with 4 percent, 3.72 percent, and 3.12 percent market shares respectively.

The market share of Google has registered a significant increase from 79.5 percent last month to 87.34 percent in July.

However, the situation is slightly better for Yahoo in US, as it enjoys 19.62 percent market share, but it is still lagging behind Google, which holds a whopping 69.17 percent share in US, compared to 63.98 percent last month.

Brits are more inclined towards searching social-networking sites and videos, instead of surfing other categories, such as, shopping, travelling, and news, the survey reported.