KeepAlive (Keep Applications Running) 11.0.5

Scan, monitor, and get notification when applications running on the server fail

Keep critical programs or executables running and be alerted when they fail. KeepAlive provides the ability to constantly monitor applications running on the server.

No matter how well the applications have been written, there still are many times when they will crash.

KeepAlive scans the executables (program associated with exe) at a user determined time interval to ensure that they are running.

If the executable is not running, KeepAlive will restart the executable that has failed. There are also many notification options within KeepAlive.

The first is e-mail notification. If KeepAlive restarts the failed executable, an e-mail can be sent of this action. Within the e-mail, is the time and executable that was restarted.

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