Mobile data - how high (a bill) can you go?

A report on El Reg this week about a Norwich-based customer of Vodafone who received a bill for £588,000 worth of calls made me smile.

It seems that what annoyed the punter more than anything was Vodafone's billing department's apparent unwillingness to resolve the matter there and then, despite the obvious stupidity of the bill.

As El Reg says: "one could spend the better part of a year talking to horny housewives, so even the most depraved would find it difficult to ring up charges like that."

It made me think about the story of Steven Sprague of Florida, who managed to rack up a $9,500 bill in 11 days on Verizon, his home mobile network in the US.

It seems that Mr Sprague was given a 3G dongle for his laptop when he renewed his two-year mobile contract and claims he was told his unlimited mobile data deal was carried forward to his new contract.

Of course it wasn't - it seems that cellular sales peeps in the US are almost as Arthur Daley-like as in the UK. As a result of the charges, the mobile data gizmo "stopped working" after 11 days into the new contract.

Sprague was sufficiently upset that he shot off a lawsuit over the bill.

Verizon's package, apparently, included five gigabytes a month, but then billed at the rate of $490.00 (around £250) per gigabyte after that.

Talk about a bargain deal - not...