Opera releases Brand New Beta Mobile Browser, Takes on Mobile Firefox

An ongoing background battle is taking place between Webkit, Firefox and Opera as the number of Mobile Internet Users are expected to grow tremendously in the next few years due to the proliferation of even better smartphones and the emergence of new plaforms like Google Android.

Opera has just released the latest Beta version of Opera Mobile 9.5 (you can download it here) and benefits from new features like the ability to pan and zoom to see content in context or the ability to save pages with images or content.

Some sources have mentioned that the brand new user interface makes it easier to navigate around while Opera developers have been successful in making the browser much faster at rendering pages.

“Our fans have been eager for the release of Opera Mobile 9.5 since it first appeared at the Mobile World Congress this year,” says Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software.

“We are now answering the call of the people and delivering what we proudly proclaim to be our best Opera Mobile browser to date. It is a totally new user experience.”

The browser is compatible with Windows Mobile, Symbian and Linux-based Smartphones and will face tough competition from Apple's Webkit browser, Mozilla's Firefox mobile (AKA Fennec) and Internet Explorer Mobile.

Opera Mobile first appeared in 2000 and has been one of Opera's most popular products finding its way in tens of millions of mobile phones globally while Opera Mini, the company's other mobile product, is considered by many as a light, toned-down browser in comparison.

An estimated 100 million Opera Mobile applications have been downloaded according to the company since 2004.