Romania arrests 20-plus cybercrime suspects

Interesting to see that the authorities over in Romania have arrested more than 20 peeps in connection with a major cybercrime ring.

The group, who were arrested on Tuesday of this week, are thought to have accounted for around $640,000 worth of online crime, specifically phishing and auction-related scams.

The frauds go quite high up, as local newswire reports suggest that the gang's leader - Romeo Chita - was nicked in an apartment owned by a senior Romanian lawmaker.

The case appears to build on the 28 arrests made in May of this year in Romania and the US, which reportedly centered on a payment card fraud ring, although since the arrests, nothing much has happened.

Call me picky, but anyone can be arrested. It's the charges, trial and subsequence penalties that are the proof of the pudding, as it were...