Survey Finds Out One In Nine Children Had Online Sex Conversations

Nearly half of all children have lied to their parents about what they do online according to the annual Mobile Life Poll carried out by Carphone Warehouse amongst 6000 adults and children in UK and US.

A worrying 11 percent of children said that they have had sexually explicit conversations online in the past with nearly three out of ten teenagers aged between 11 and 18 saying that they had visited adult websites.

A similar fraction interacting with total strangers on the web with 10 percent saying that they did meet up with someone which they initially contacted online.

14 percent of those surveyed said that they had felt uncomfortable in some situations and nearly a third acknowledged that they would be in trouble if their parents knew what they were up to.

The survey also showed how candid parents generally are with nearly 90 percent of them saying that they were fully aware of what their children was doing while a similar proportion were confident that their sons and daughters would not do anything they would abhor.

Commenting on the survey results, Dr Tanya Byron, who published a report on children's use of new technologies earlier this year, said: “We must all learn and teach how to be safe online.”

Andrew Harrison, UK CEO at The Carphone Warehouse, said: "It's not long ago that the world wide web first began to transform the way we work, keep in touch and seek information and entertainment. Fast forward ten years and we're now at a place where our work lives have been transformed, music and films can be downloaded in a matter of minutes and families are connecting across the world with video calls and emails."