UK Information Commissioner Sees Super-Database as “A Step Too Far”

Speaking at the release of Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Annual Report 2008, The Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas, stated that the much hyped “super-database”, which would contain a comprehensive data of UK’s internet and phone communications, is still “a step too far for the British way of life”.

The database is said to contain records of all emails, web traffic, and phone calls, for at least one year, it is proposed to be integrated in ICO’s Communication Data Bill, which includes modified methods of acquiring communication data.

The gigantic information container, which has been compared to a Big Brother nightmare come true, is said to empower police and other security agencies to monitor various communication channels, and help them in storing individual-wise details.

The database wouldn’t allow police to view content of emails or text messages, but it would rather support them in building profile of individuals with their contacts.

ICO already issued enforcement notices against Ministry of Defence (MoD), and HM Revenues and Customs (HMRC) for evidences of data breaches, and the agencies are now required to show the steps they are taking, in order to improve data handling procedures.