Amazon To Give Out Movies And TV Shows On Demand

Amazon has introduced Amazon Video on Demand service that allows users to demand movies from Amazon’s archives of over 40,000 movie and television programs.

The new proposal is unlike the Amazon Unbox service where Amazon users could download movies straight onto their Windows computer or their Tivo.

The movies are streamed over the net to the computer or the HDTV and no extra software is needed to go through it meaning it will be possible to read it both PCs and Mac.

The service is open for Sony Bravia users who take up 300 dollars on their Sony Bravia Internet Video link device.

Only Disney has not tied up with the service as of yet, as a result, videos by ABC and Disney are not available in Amazon’s archives.

Currently the Beta version of the service is being marketed as service under the Unbox name; The new service is expected to challenge iTunes’ s monopoly on the video download market.

However, Amazon is not expected to make a whole lot of profit from the service as it will have to pay hefty loyalties to the studios, nevertheless Amazon is optimistic as the real goal that it claims is to gain access to the TV of the users; where it would just take a click for the users to access Amazon.