Billing & CRM : Offering Value Added Services doesn't Cost the Earth

How are operators providing customer support for new, more complicated data services? Firstly, many companies have innovative products, but don’t use them for the benefit of their own customers.

If mobile phone companies are offering enhanced services, then they should use them to communicate with their customers.

The possibilities are enormous; it could be the ability to review bills, status of enquiries online, or by mobile phone, through an interface.

On receipt of an enquiry, the mobile phone company could SMS the customer to say the enquiry is being dealt with and when to expect a response.

With enhanced services customers expect quick responses. This means mobile phone companies need to deliver 24x7 accessibility, fast response times, customer value and strategies to increase profitability.

The integration of all the channels of communication is therefore vital, but many companies still haven’t done this.

Modern customer service goes beyond just offering a rich tapestry of communication channels; it is all about understanding the changing lifestyles of customers and how to interact with those changes.

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