EU May Charge Intel For Violating ‘Antitrust-Law’

European Union may accuse Intel for monopolising European electronic-chip market, according to Wall Street Journal.

Investigation team from European Commission has been tracking the chip giant since 2001, and it has raided its several offices including, Dixon Stores, in 2005.

During their investigations, the officials’ have mentioned that they suspected Intel of compelling sellers not to keep stock of AMD installed PCs.

The new allegations would include Intel’s efforts of wiping out rival chip maker, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), by providing incentives to sellers for not piling AMD’s stocks; moreover, the company is also paying good amount to sellers for delaying the launch of PCs fitted with AMD chips.

On its previous allegations, Intel has already confirmed that it is complying with the laws, and it’s method of selling the chips aren’t illegal at all.

However, officials from European Commission’s ‘antitrust authority’ haven’t confirmed the news yet, and if any charges made, Intel is said to have two months to respond to it.