EU Wants To Clamp down Dodgy Ringtones Websites

The European Commission seems to have its sights firmly set on the mobile market; after having tackled expensive roaming text charges, it is now clamping down on websites that offer mobile phone services but flout EU consumer laws.

An overwhelming majority of those websites sell seemingly cheap ringtones and wallpapers to a younger audience who then, unknowingly end up spending hundreds on expensive contracts.

39 such websites will be targeted in the UK with hundreds more across Europe and could face potential closure and fines after thousands of complaints were recorded across Europe.

As many as nine of every 10 UK websites offering phone services break consumer laws according to some organisations.

One of the key problems is that many of those websites have hard to decipher small prints that are often overlooked by young teenagers and children.

The ringtone market is particularly prone to abuse with some ringtones now costing more than the price of the album from which it is derived; the ringtone market make nearly a third of the European mobile content market and has experienced double digit growth.

More than £1 is spent every year on ringtones an average for each mobile phone in Europe.