Maxell DVD-R 16x 100 Discs / Carry Pack, £10.99 delivered

This handy product allows you to carry up to an incredible 100 discs in one convienent pack. Making it easier to transport and prevent the loss of valuable files

DVD-R is a write-once format suitable for recording with DVD-R video recorder or DVD-R drive for PC, DVD-R compatible for up to 16X speed with a storage capacity of 4.7GB, and recording time up to 120 minutes in standard mode, Conforms to DVD Specifications for Recordable Discs (DVD-R), High-quality organic dye recording materials improve recording characteristics for recording and playback, DVD-R is compatible for playback with most DVD players and DVDROM drives and recorders that are - R compatible.

The blank discs are available for only £10.99 delivered.


- 100 pack

- Single sided

- 120mins recording time

- 4.7 GB recording capacity

- 16x writing speed