Microsoft Opens its Doors To Live Mesh; Plans to Overthrow Apple's Mobileme

Microsoft has extended the services of Live Mesh to a number of users in what seems to be a direct response to Apple’s new replacement service for .Mac, MobilMe.

Live Mesh, which was launched as an invitation-based service in April, allows users to share and sync programs and files among their PCs.

The ‘Mesh’ serves as an online locker in which users can place their documents, and access them from any other computer.

The company stated that it has doubled the number of users, who can use Live Mesh, and it can be accessed by anyone who has Live ID; however, it hasn’t mentioned the exact numbers up to which the service is expanded.

Microsoft have also simplified the sign-up procedure for joining Live Mesh, as of now, the users needs to go through Microsoft Connect, through which Microsoft manages early testers of its services and products.

However, MobileMe is said to have more features than Live Mesh, as it allows its users to access files from various devices, and helps them in syncing emails, calendar items, and contacts on a variety of devices.