New Website, New Office : Telegraph Media Group Replaces Microsoft Office with Google Business Apps

After unveiling a new website a few days ago, the Telegraph Media Group has announced that it will replace Microsoft Office Business Applications with Google's own App Suite including Gmail.

While there's only 1400 desktops which will move to Google, it might potentially have a much more profound impact as the publishing sector is widely seen as the beacon of chic and hypeness, ask Technology iCon Apple about that!

The deal will certainly be used as a potent case study by Google to push for the cloud computing model and away from the dumb client model that has been ruling desktops for a couple of decades now.

Paul Cheesbrough, TMG chief information officer, also said that the move was partly motivated by the fact that most of TMG's business is being down on the internet.

"All of our staff at TMG will benefit from this opportunity and the feedback from the trial highlighted that there is a real demand for these types of applications within the corporate environment," added Cheesbrough.

The group had been trialling Google Apps for six months by providing 10 percent of its workforce with the platform and the decision to move to Google came as the experience was overwhelmingly positive.

Google Apps Premier Edition costs only £25 per user per year and offers up to 25GB Email account as well as Google Talk, Google Calendar and Google Docs.