Sony Ericsson Prepares Next Step in Walkman Phone Story With Alicia?

Sony Ericsson is preparing something big it seems as a subsite reveals that they are about to celebrate the third anniversary of the launch of Sony Ericsson's Walkman phones in fanfare.

The next chapter will be unveiled on the 22nd of July according to the website and will almost certainly see the release of Alicia, also known as the W707 and Feng, also known as the W302.

The W707 will apparently be a cut down version of the W980 with no 8GB memory, lacking an autofocus digital camera, having a single speaker and with no FM transmitter.

As for the W302, sources say that it will be a slim 2MP camera phone with basic functionality and will forgo any extras like autofocus or flash.

Other phones expected to be released within the next few days are the W595 (AKA Linda), a 3.2MP Walkman camera phone without flash or Autofocus as well as Remi, a Candybar Phone and Patty also known as W902.

Could SE has some more surprises in store? A touchscreen Walkman phone perhaps?

The Walkman series has been pretty successful for Sony Ericsson as the company managed to flog more than 50 million of these mobiles by 2008.