Spammer Faces 30 Months Sentence For Sending Spam Mails To AOL Subscribers

A 27 year old spammer, Adam Vitale, is sentenced to 30 months prison by a district court in Manhattan, New York, for sending spam messages to AOL subscribers.

The offender, with one of his partners, Todd Moeller, has sent around 250,000 junk mails to more than 1.2 million AOL users, in a small period of four months.

For breaching the federal anti-spam laws, Vitale is also required to pay $180,000 as restitution bill to AOL, along with 30 months prison.

The duo was trapped in a sting operation, in which they agreed to send spam mails for a security product on profit-sharing basis.

Moeller has already been sentenced for 27 months in November last year and charged with a fine of $183,000, as guilty on two counts, one for email-fraud, and the other on conspiracy for email fraud.

Responding to Vitale’s apology for the act, Judge Denny Chin said, “Spamming is a serious criminal conduct; this is not a teenager engaging in a child’s play.”