Creative Unveils Zen Krystal PMP For Sport Lovers

Within few days after the launch of its fully-loaded range of Zen X-Fi portable media players (PMP), Creative has come up with another PMP revelation, this time in form of Zen Krystal.

Zen Krystal is a sleek iPod from Creative, which measures 57 mm X37 mm X10.8 mm in dimensions, weighing 22g only.

The device has all the ingredients to mesmerise sport enthusiasts, as it is apparently designed keeping them in mind, as it offers a lot over music for them.

Pedometer, which helps in tracking speed and distance while running, Calorie counter for diet conscious- are among few additions that justify its relevance to sporty people.

Despite its sleek dimensions and feather-weight, the new PMP has a storage capacity of 8 GB, which is enough to store almost 2000 audio files.

Except for its rectangular looks, the device has many similarities with its predecessor Zen Stone Plus, including OLED display.

Its other features include- 10 hour battery life, radio tuner with 32 presets, a voice recorder, easy drag and drop function for files, etc.

In addition to these, Zen Krystal also offers motion-sensing games to its customers, like Catch and Dodge, Dice Roll, and Hurdle Race.