Danielle Nagler All Set To Head BBC HD With The Mission To Make it mainstream

Danielle Nagler will be the new head of BBC High Definition (HD), who previously was working as the as head of director general’s office.

Nagler will replace Seetha Kumar, who is moved to some senior position in the corporation, which is yet to be announced.

Nagler joined BBC as a journalist trainee in 1996, and worked in several key positions since then.

Discussing her priorities as a new head of BBC HD, Nagler said, “focus on growing the channel by driving consumer take-up, working with in-house and independent producers to increase HD programming, and leading preparations for BBC HD’s launch on Freeview.”

Acknowledging the tremendous HD viewing potential in UK, Nagler stated that out of 10m ready to use HD-sets, only few are being utilized, and thus there is a lot that the corporation can offer its audiences for viewing BBC’s HD programmes.

Citing the critical juncture for the channel and technology, Nagler has talked about BBC’s role in helping both industry and audiences in making transition to HD.