Facebook Unveils New Design, Plans To Expand Microblogging Services

Popular Social Networking Website Facebook has unveiled a brand new, redesigned interface aimed at helping its millions of members communicate better with each other.

The new interface (which you should be able to test at http://www.new.facebook.com) is much less cluttered than the previous one and should propagate to all members by the rest of the week.

The profile page is now presented as one large column and one smaller column instead of the the outdated 3-column format while the Wall, the area where most communication takes place, has been expanded and will now include the user's minifeed.

It looks as if Facebook has been heavily inspired by the meteoric rise of Friendfeed, as Michael Arrington from Techcrunch suggests as well as Microblogging newcomers like Twitter or Tumblr which allow users to frequently update their feeds.

There's also a new application dropdown menu, that strangely resembles Windows's own start menu - this provides a useful hint at what Facebook might do next...

There is also some heavy backend changes going on with the company stepping up its effort to counteract spam and reassure its users when it comes on their privacy concerns.

Facebook is also preparing a developer conference on Wednesday and is expected to announce a number of moves aimed at keeping its main competitor, Myspace, at arms' length.