Microsoft Posts An Impressive Over $ 60 Billion Annual Revenue Figure

Microsoft has announced its financial results for the fiscal year end on June 30 at an all time high of over $60 billion.

The software behemoth has topped annual revenues worth US$ 60.42 billion, with earnings of US$ 22.49 billion, and has registered a remarkable rise of 25 % in its year-over-year net income.

The final quarter alone has added $15.84 billion revenues to the firm, which is 18% more than that of the final quarter of 2007.

In its annual statement, the company also provided financial particulars of its proposals to takeover Yahoo's search business.

These magical figures are attributed to company's launch of several new products including, Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, and SQL Server 2008.

Apart from new launches, the company also stated that the revenue growth is expected to be positive in the fiscal year 2009 owing to its extensive technology portfolio and elaborate range of online services.

New initiatives in fields related to online advertising, services such as Online SharePoint and virtualization are of key focus for Microsoft in the coming year.