Redfly Mobile Companion Offers "Mobile Dock Station"

Docking stations have always been a great addition for Laptops, but there has never really been a good solution for further connecting your mobile device, until now!

The new Redfly Mobile Companion is a docking station, well sort of, its a mobile docking station in the sense that the device essentially allows users to connect their mobile devices via bluetooth to an 8 inch display on a laptop looking unit that features a full size qwerty keyboard, USB ports, a VGA out port, and a mouse.

Those features alone are impressive, but the true abilities of the Redfly continue, for instance, the unit boots instantaneously, meaning you can plug in and jot down your thoughts without hesitation.

The screen on the Redfly Mobile Companion is also impressive, specifically in terms of resolution adjustments, basically you bluetooth into your device and the Redfly can adjust the screen resolution so the highest output is utilized.

What does this mean for the consumer? Essentially mobile web browsers will display more of the websites you browse without having to zoom in and out as frequently. The unit also ships with Instant VGA output of 800 x 480 pixels and an onscreen display of the same resolution.

But here's the real magic of the Redfly, the unit will operate for 8 hours on one charge, and because it has USB functionality you can actually "steal" some of the devices battery power to charge your phone. Since the unit doesn't contain a processor of any kind you can literally go days without a charge.

The unit is also ultra compact at 1 x 6 x 9 inches and super light at only 2.0 pounds.

Its also important to note that the device will work with Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0, and Windows Mobile 6.1 Devices, basically with any fairly new Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

So the real question is, can it replace your laptop? In some ways yes, for instant connectivity and ease of use it takes the prize, but its still no substitute for a laptops functionality, after all its simply an extension of your mobile unit.

If you have a presentation that needs quick updating though you can do it from your mobile device as you travel and later connect that device to your larger display for VGA output to an even larger unit, and with bluetooth connectivity at the forefront of the device there are no cables to fidget with, overall its a great device for anyone looking to extend the reach of their mobile device, but it's not a substitue if you are searching for an Ultra Mobile PC like the MSI Wind or Asus EEE PC type units.

This post was contributed by eXpansys plc, the owner of the eXpansys brand, the largest wireless technology online retail business in Europe and the USA.