Sony Announced Its PlayTV PVR Launch Date

Breaking all the rumours, Sony has finally announced the release date of its much hyped Freeview PVR PS3 device.

The launch date was revealed by David Reeves, President Sony Computer Entertainment in Europe, in an interview to Eurogamer, and confirmed that the device will be released in the UK market on September 10.

The much talked PlayTV has the capability of turning PS3 console into full-fledged digital TV device, thereby allowing gamers to watch Freeview TV.

In addition the new device will also allow recording any game while playing it, for which Reeves quoted as, “It was very difficult for some of the tech guys but we had to include it in the firmware upgrade, 2.41, but it’s done now.”

There are speculations about the pricing of the product, as Amazon is claiming that the new device will cost £59.99; whereas, Sony hasn’t announced its official price yet.