Tiscali To Sue BT For Misguiding Its Customers

Italian ISP Tiscali is considering legal action against BT, for sending emails to its customers suspecting company’s future existence, ISPReview reported.

The letter titled, “Tiscali Chief Plots Sell-Off”, was sent to Tiscali and its associates- Pipex and Nildram, casting doubts in their minds about the future of the ISP.

The letter reads, “We can understand why you are wondering what might happen to your Tiscali broadband service, and because no one really knows the answer just yet, it could be a good time to look for an alternative broadband service.”

It further explains the process of switching to BT’s broadband services.

The letter is said to have links with Tiscali’s announcement of selling its UK’s broadband operations within two years, and the ISP hasn’t shown any signs of expansion since its takeover of Pipex in 2007.

Furthermore, it has also evoked privacy concerns for the recipients, as they were amazed about BT getting their privacy details.