BBC's iPlayer Success on Virgin Media Means That Other Channels Could Follow Suit

Virgin Media users viewed more than 10.5 million BBC shows in June out of the 350 hours of shows that have been added to the cable provider backend in that month.

In comparison, BBC's iPlayer generated 21 million views back in April, prior to the launch of the service on Virgin Media Platform.

This represents a third of all programmes that have been viewed on the iPlayer and according to statistics released, a children series "In the night garden" is ranked alongside mainstream heavyweights like Doctor Who or Eastenders.

Commenting on the results, Rahul Chakkara, the BBC's controller of TV platforms, said: "These early figures indicate a real appetite from viewers to access BBC iPlayer via their TVs and catch-up on their favourite programmes from the comfort of their living room. This initial success on Virgin Media underlines the multi-platform appeal of BBC iPlayer proposition."

A Virgin Media spokesperson added that nearly half of the 3.5 million TV customers now regularly watch video on demand with roughly 24 views per customers per month, showing that asynchronous or delayed programme consumption is now firmly rooted in users' habits.

The iPlayer was officially launched back at the beginning of June when it was integrated to Virgin Media familiar TV on Demand guide although it was available since the previous month through the red button service but only generated 1.4 million views.

The launch was motivated not only by BBC's ambitious plans to expand the iPlayer's audience but also by Virgin Media's need to reduce the bandwidth consumed by the service by its broadband users.

The iPlayer success also means that other channels like Channel Four and Five could very soon offer similar video on demand services on Virgin's platform and possibly on others.