BT Looks For Broadband Public Partnership in London

BT has been lobbying public sector organisations to build long lasting partnerships to bring fibre-based ultra fast broadband to those who will benefit the most from that.

BCS reports that BT was particularly interested in working with the London Development Agency to bring the £1.5 billion broadband to the capital as soon as possible which could see millions have access to speeds up to 100mbps by 2012.

BT's director for London Emma Gilthorpe said that "London is already a tremendous broadband success story and this is a great opportunity for the capital to be on the front page of the next chapter of that story,"

She added "BT is keen to invest further in the city so it is important that London's public sector works with us to ensure the funds are directed here."

However, BT lambasted the Scottish government for not providing enough (financial?) support for the project.

According to Brendan Dick, BT's Scottish Director, Scotland was the only region across UK which did not fully embrace the broadband project although, according to the Scotsman, the Scottish government said that super-fast broadband did not necessarily meant more economic advantages (except perhaps for BT's shareholders).