Dynamode 85Mbps Homeplug Adapter - Quad Pack, £79.98 delivered

Home plug uses the copper power cables that run through your building as it would a network cable.

Just plug one Homeplug near to your Computer/Router and connect with the patch cable provided.

Then plug the other Homeplug anywhere in your building and connect anything you like!!!

Why not purchase two Double-Homeplug adapters pack for only £79.98 delivered from Ebuyer.

Brilliant for
- Homes to share the internet between multiple Computers.
- Small businesses to share Network printers.
- Online gaming anywhere in the building.
- Video or music streaming.
- Compliment your wireless network to eliviate 'Dead Spots'.
- Replacing that 20m Cat 5 cable.
- Take anywhere portability.

Whats in the box?
- 4 x Homeplug Adapters
- 2 x Cat 5 Network cables
- 2 x Powerline software for Windows
- 2 x Full Instructions

- Use the home's existing power line
- Easy to install
- Allow user to connect PCs and other devices conveniently, at any power outlet
- Up to 85Mbps data rate on the power line
- 56-bits DES Link Encryption for security
- 5 LEDs indicate status