Millions of Nintendo DS Lite Fake Chargers Could Kill Says Trading Standards Body

They have flooded Ebay and many other online Asian sites that have cropped up in the past years; they are the cheap knock-off copies of original accessories sold with popular gaming consoles like the Wii or the Nintendo DS.

While they might save you a bob or two, they could also kill you... A notice posted by the Buckinghamshire Council's Trading Standards warns us about the dangers posed by electronic chargers being imported from Asia and which are not up to the high standards that could be expected from such devices.

According to the BCTS, many of the chargers, particularly those imported from China and typically sold through on-line sites, could potentially give you lethal electric shock and overheating problems as well.

The huge demand for cheaper accessories means that many unscrupulous manufacturers have resorted to fake certifications and forged CE markings in order to get their products through to UK customers.

And profits are to be made for the ambitious; Original Nintendo chargers cost three times more than the unmarked ones.

Watch out for any item carrying the identification number DE62347066; you may well be using one of the thousands out there.