Sony Ericsson Unveils Most advanced Walkman phone Yet, The W902

The W902 is the most technologically advanced featuring "retro style" music navigation keys on the side that reminds us of those old type Walkman portable tape player.

In addition, it features a soon-to-be-mainstream 5-megapixel digital camera coupled with a 16x digital zoom (ed : who in their right mind would use a 16x digital zoom?) and a Xenon flash.

The phone has a 2.2-inch 240x320 pixel scratch-proof screen to display all your blissful snapped moments, all in a candybar format ideal, plus you also get a great 8GB M2 memory stick.

Amongst other non-negligible features are Sony's proprietary Clear Bass and Clear Stereo Technology that work quite well with the included premium headphones plus photo geotagging although it doesn't have an inbuilt GPS.

Sony is also bundling in a music mood software called Senseme which will enable the creation of playlists based on the song's tempo and will also integrate a Wii-type physical control; shake the handset and the music tracks will change.