Three finally get some new handsets

With thanks to Ewan of SMS Text News who pottered along to the launch of Three’s new handset range for the second half of the year:

Three have had a very poor range of handsets for consumer and business users for what seems to be a year now.

The E65 and N73 are still listed on their X-Series micro site, and their latest phone for business users is the TyTN II, at least a year old now!

Thankfully this is all about to change. Delights such as the Sony Ericsson Xperia, BlackBerry Bold, Skype Phone V2, and Nokia E71 are heading our way, plus the less than delightful Nokia N96 (no Xenon flash on a multimedia flagship phone!) and Samsung’s Tocco.

Having had a Three contract myself for the last four years, there was little to inspire me to upgrade. Perhaps I can be persuaded, though If launch dates are missed I fear it will be adieus Three, hello iPhone 3G.

Tim’s iPhone feature wish for the day – Using Dataviz, when replying or forwarding Exchange email Outlook’s inbox will show the reply/forward indicator, why can’t the iPhone do the same?