Internet posses round on eBay sellers

Good to see a group of concerned online citizens going to town in revealing eBay sellers are out and out fraudsters themselves, in the wake of apparent apathy from eBay.

eBay apathy? Some mistake surely? -Ed

According to the Los Angeles Times, sellers of fake Hollywood memorabilia have been revealed as scams, after buyers traced a dagger - supposedly used in the filming of `Gone with the Wind' - to a factory in Japan.

And many other items were also traced to reveal they were fakes.

"I really felt people had a right to know,"
said Jennifer Henderson, a vintage clothing collector who said she and her husband, Bryce, spent more hours "than I am comfortable admitting" investigating the dealer, Global Antiques.

After lobbying by Henderson and her e-colleagues, eBay finally suspended several dealers.

Of course, there's nothing to stop the sellers re-registering under a different user name and they're off again.

And we're not talking peanuts here either. One Kansas woman said she spent almost $15,000 on `I love Lucy' memorabilia that turned out to be a load of junk.

You could be forgiven for saying: serves her right, but the bottom line is that illegal activities are taking place and eBay doesn't seem to have any effective mechanism in place to stop these types of frauds
taking place.

Sure, the auction site is hitting the headlines by working with luxury goods brands on stopping fakes being sold, but it could do more - a lot more...