"Less Than 3 Percent" Of Youtube Videos Carry Adverts Says Google Exec

YouTube sales manager Brian Cusack told an audience of online marketing professionals at a ClickZ that only around one in every 34 Youtube videos carry an advert, worse than previously thought.

This means that Google might be having a pretty tough time trying to sell advertising on Youtube videos to its customers although Cusack was quick to point out that Google is making progress in trying to "overcome perceived risk of what appearing next to user-generated content."

More than 4 billion Youtube videos are streamed every month and it will certainly be a long time before Youtube can actually manage to bring in as much advertising revenue as Adsense for example.

But as one commentator noted, Google could decide to flip the switch overnight and activate overlay advertising on all videos regardless of the content and based solely on the words contained in the adverts.

Google has been actively working on Speech recognition which allows spider to search for spoken word as it demonstrated last week.