Microsoft Leaks Ad Preview Of Its ‘Fight Back” Marketing Campaign

After publicly announcing Vista’s massive sales figures, Microsoft further moved a step ahead with defending its new version of operating system, with a much hyped ad campaign.

The first ad of the whopping $300 million ad campaign has hit the floor, featuring a sailing ship, and quoting a comparison between people who targeted Vista for its efficiency with the stereotypes who thought that the Earth was flat.

The company admitted that the software had certain flaws when it was launched, but it has improved the operating system’s major shortcomings in its new Vista Service Pack 1.

The software giant openly targeted Mac OS X, and stated that Apple’s Leopard systems have 89 percent more vulnerabilities than Vista, which have been discovered by the US Department of Homeland Security’s National Vulnerability Database.

The ad series may be considered as a direct response to Apple’s famous “I’m Mac, I’m PC” ads.

Microsoft further added that Vista is not simply an improved version of XP, but it has several striking and advanced features, which were absent in prior operating systems.