Online Bidding for Apple iPhone Goes Through The Roof

Apple’s 3G iPhone is turning out to be the hottest technological device so far, with a number of iPhone fans queuing up in front of Apple stores.

Citing the soaring demand of 3G iPhone, various online shopping websites, like eBay, started auctioning it, at a price which is five times higher than the original price of the product.

However, online iPhone purchase will apparently save customers from getting into clutches of a number of hassles, including the flexibility of using the device with service other than AT&T network; moreover, some of online vendors are also assuring of overnight shipping to their customers.

The black 16 GB unlocked model is getting the highest bid, which is said to start from USD1500 on eBay, and it has already touched the $2500 mark recently.

Within a week of its launch, Apple has sold almost 1 million iPhones, and now rumours are flaring up about the shortages of iPhone in market, as Bloomberg reported that out of 188 Apple stores, only three - New York, New Hampshire, and California- had the coveted iPhone on Monday.