Redten Unlimited Grilled By ASA Over Erroneous Ad Claims

Free PC Pioneer Redten Internet has been given a dress-down by the Advertising Standards Authority over the use of the word "unlimited" in its advertising to describe the type of internet connection offered by Redten.

The company, which stopped giving out free computers in February 2007 and was purchased by a company called Fatcat communications after going into administration, severely limited the speeds of users who transferred more than 5GB worth of data.

Furthermore, ASA ruled that a claim to "free upgrade to 24Mb/sec broadband" was false as well as other headlines like 'unlimited broadband' or 'unlimited downloads'.

The body overseeing advertising was particularly miffed by the way Redten dealt with its enquiries, saying in its ruling that "The ASA was concerned by Redten's lack of response and apparent disregard for the Code of Practice. We reminded them of their obligations under the Code and told them to respond promptly in future".

Redten was told not to rerun the adverts in their current form; but this might actually be worthless as Redten has now been acquired by another company which may not be bound by the ruling.

Since the demise of Redten, many other companies, such as Dixons or Carphone Warehouse, have started offering free computers with wireless broadband connectivity.