Romanian crim confesses his part in $400,000 Internet scam

Interesting to read over on the AP newswire that one of the 38 people charged in a global Internet phishing and fraud ring the other week has copped for a plea.

Ovidiu-Ionut Nicola-Roman, aged 22, of Craiova, Romania, leaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud in a Connecticut District Court this week.

The case is one of the first major phishing ones to reach the courts in the US, as Nicola-Roman is charged with stealing names, social security numbers, credit card data and other data from Netters.

According to the AP newswire, he was responsible for at least $400,000 in consumer losses and now faces up to 57 months in clink, as well as rather large fines and compensation payments.

He also faces similar charges in California, where most of the gang are facing the beak.

In Connecticut, however, a total of seven Romanians were accused of spamming consumers with phishing emails purporting to be run by Citibank, Wells Fargo and Paypal.

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