The War Goes On - Effective Risk Management

A company's objectives, its internal organisation and the environment in which it operates are continually evolving and, as a result, the risks it faces are continually changing.

Given the diverse nature of risk and the mass of often seemingly disparate data within a company, it is difficult for Risk Managers (PDF Document) to perform thorough and regular evaluations.

Too many software applications offer the user the opportunity to load masses of data into a database, or a set of spreadsheets, but provide little or no control over what the user can see and do with the data.

The starting point is always to find a single location in which to collate, store and access your company's data in an efficient way.

But having solved this challenge, you must then be able to spend time interactively viewing and exploring it, to discover and understand the messages hidden within it.

Specialist business mapping software means you can put the information contained within your data base into context and create 'snap shots' using intuitive visual representations (such as, link charts, bar charts, control charts, etc.)

These tools enable you to quickly identify areas of interest, and to then explore further to discover the underlying causes and effects. Only when you have this deeper understanding, can you propose effective measures to reduce the risk.

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