ECS P43T Socket 775 Motherboard

Many of us may not have the funds to fork out in order to get that new P45 motherboard that was released last week.

And if that is the case then the chances of picking up an X48 chipset motherboard would be farther out the question. This is the reason for the P43 chipset from Intel.

It?s considered the budget chipset. When we say budget we mean budget. There is no raid, crossfire or DDR3 support.

If you take a budget chipset and mix it with a company like ECS you will get an incredible priced motherboard.

In this case you will get the P43T-A2. The P43A is ECS?s first P43 motherboard on the market. Even with all its short comings compared to the P45 this board offers the everyday Joe with everything they would need to build a stable and very complete system.

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