Fake Facebook Profile Case Highlights Privacy Dangers Of Social Networking Sites

Creating a fake profile on a social networking website could possibly land you in trouble; A businessman whose life turned into a nightmare after an old school friend created a virtual Facebook alter-ego of him won his case and £22,000 in damages.

Matthew Firsht brought the case against Grant Raphael who denied the act, putting the blame on strangers who attended a party at his place and seized the opportunity to not only create a fake profile but also give out false details, which essentially amounts to libel and slanderous statements.

The court heard that the two, who went at the same school, fell over a business dispute back in 2002 and Firhst accused Raphael of hitting back at him, causing stress, financial harm and anxiety.

The case does shed some light on the ease with which fake profiles can be created on social networking websites like Facebook or myspace and the amount of prejudice and moral harm that these fake profiles can generate.

Facebook however was quick to bring down the false profile page - as well as related groups - which included allegations about Firsht's sexuality and political orientations.