Myspace Links Up With OpenID Alliance For Seamless Social Networking Integration

Social networking website MySpace has joined the OpenID alliance, which would allow its users to seamlessly access other websites without changing the usernames and passwords.

Instead of different usernames and passwords, user’s personal details would be used to provide access to other websites.

Open source classifies its partnering websites into two categories, namely, “provider”, and “relying parties”, under the OpenID alliance, and MySpace belongs to the former category, which implies that users from other websites wouldn’t be able to access MySpace from OpenID platform; however, MySpace may join as relying party in future, as company’s top officials stated.

Pointing out the significance of the move, network website’s senior VP of technology, Jim Benedetto said, “All this will tie together to make it more useful for MySpace users to have MySpace accounts even when they’re not on MySpace.”

MySpace has also announced support to movie discovery site Flixster, and event scheduling website Eventful, which would let its users to share contents from these websites.